A Little Humor For Moving Day

I don’t know about you, but as for me, one of the toughest things to do is to move from one house to another. It is a time when many hands truly do make light work while, at the same time, several people get to see just how much ‘stuff’ has accumulated in every closet and corner of the house…

No matter who you are there comes a time near the end of moving day when there is a ‘push’ to just get it over with, and the remaining ‘stuff’ looks like a ‘shovel case’!!!

It was during just such a ‘push’ while I was helping my neighbors Gerald/Nettie Miller move out of their rental into a newly purchased farm, that Gerald told the following joke. With jokes, timing is everything and Gerald picked the perfect time. His wife is a perfectionist in all areas, from housekeeping to caring for their family and he sensed her tension as we moved a giant chest away from the wall for the first time in years…

It goes like this.

A little boy was playing under the bed while his mother was folding laundry and asked her “mother, tell me how we are made and where we come from again”? To this she carefully replied, “Junior, it says in the Bible that we come from the dust and to the dust we shall return”.

Junior quickly replied, “Well mother, there is someone either coming or going under here”!!!



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