Candida Yeast Support

Q:  Is Candida Yeast support safe to use while nursing or pregnant?

A:  Absolutely! It is safe for both mother and baby. In fact, probiotics are recommended to boost the immune system of the unborn or nursing infant!

Q: Will CYS cure all types of itching and what tips can you give to speed up my results?

A: Follow these steps to relieve itching until Candida Yeast Support takes over:

  1. Discontinue use of fragranced soaps, powders, and lotions. We recommend using good old cornstarch as a body powder that is hypoallergenic and safe for young and old alike. Washing your clothes and linens in Perfume and Dye Free Detergent could also reduce irritating itching.  
  2. Many people report having dramatically reduced re-infection of yeast related skin rashes if you use 8-10 drops of 100% Pure Tea Tree Essential Oil in occasional laundry loads. 
  3. Increase your intake of Omega-3 oils. Most people are very deficient in good oils in their diets. We recommend MegaRed Omega 3 Krill Oil Softgels because it will not increase your cholesterol and it is also good for your heart. 
  4. When bathing, don’t use piping hot water in the winter months and when you dry off just pat yourself dry rather than rubbing with the towel.

Q: How long do I need to take Candida Yeast Support?

A: Each of us is a little different. God created no two people alike and we are also different depending on time of life and gender.

  1. Women have more problems with yeast because of body chemistry and anatomy. Women generally need to take the probiotic a little longer.
  2. Hygiene is very important. Keep your body dry in areas where yeast tends to grow best. (use cornstarch and frequent changes of clothing) 
  3. Your diet is super important. Try to avoid eating sweets. Sugar is to yeast what gasoline is to a fire! Avoid foods with high fructose corn sugar. Use Stevia which is an all natural alternative and does not have any negative side effects.
  4. Do you take medications? Either over the counter or prescription. If you do, check the list of side effects. We are all fairly aware of the fact that prescription antibiotics cause massive damage to the proper flora of the gut. We recommend Para-Pow as a first line of defense against infections before resorting to a prescription.

Garcinia Cambogia

Q: Should I take Garcinia extract while pregnant or nursing?

A: No. We do not have any evidence that it causes trouble with pregnancy, however we don’t generally like the idea of dieting while carrying a baby due to the increased nutritional needs of the mother and baby during this time. It is much better to use our probiotic, Candida Yeast Support to improve digestion and reduce bloating and unwanted water weight. Many pregnant women have reported shedding unwanted weight with our probiotic.

Q: Can my child use Garcinia as a way to get rid of his/her “baby fat”?

A: We do not recommend diet supplements for children. Rather, try watching their diet like a hawk. Make sure you are not letting them eat within 2 hours of bedtime. No late night snacks that the body will store as fat rather than burn for activities. Avoid any foods containing corn sweeteners (high fructose corn syrup, etc.) Some examples of these foods would be soda, most candies, and even some white breads. Be sure to read labels! Instead of using sugar in recipes, try an all natural sugar substitute like Stevia